Stickers - A Powerful Tool to Increase Product Value Beyond Expectations

In today’s fiercely competitive business world where time is of essence, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to make their products stand out and differentiate from their competitors.

One strategy that has proven to be effective is the use of stickers to increase product value. In this article, we will explore how businesses can utilize stickers and their designs to maximize the perceived value of their products.

Can stickers really add value to products?

Stickers - A Versatile Tool to Increase Product Value

The selection of sticker types plays a crucial role in enhancing the value of your products. Each sticker type has different properties including material, durability and adhesive strength. Understanding the details of each sticker type is essential to choose the ideal sticker for your needs. Here are some key details of each sticker type:

  • Paper Sticker: These stickers are commonly used for product labels as they are lightweight and cost-effective. As such they are particularly suitable for small entrepreneurs who aim to save costs. Paper stickers are a budget-friendly solution for product marketing and branding and can help increase product value at an economical price.

  • PVC Sticker: They are durable and weather resistant, making them an excellent choice for product labelling and household usage like cleaning agents, electrical appliances, glass bottles, and even in out-of-home media (OOH) where they need to withstand sunlight and rain. Hence, they are also more expensive than general-purpose stickers.

  • PP Sticker: They are perfect for those seeking durability and reliability in product labels. They are non-peeling, non-fading, and 100% waterproof, making them versatile for various purposes. With their long-lasting performance and durability, they increase product value in terms of both price and reliability.

Guide to Utilise Stickers to Increase Product Value

1. Build a memorable brand: Design stickers that incorporate your brand’s logo, colours and company name through utilising Corporate Identity (CI). This reinforces brand recognition and allows your products to stand out against competitors in the market.

2. Provide product information: Use stickers to convey important information or recommendation,  such as usage instructions, warnings, or ingredient lists. This not only adds value to products but also ensures safe and efficient usage for customers.

3. Incorporate stickers as part of package design: Integrate stickers as part of your overall package design not only enhances visual appeal but also serve as part of your brand identity. For example, flexible PVC stickers can be used to create patterns, glossy-coated PP stickers can be product labels and even holographic stickers will help add a luxurious appearance with their iridescent effect.

4. Enhance product functionality: Stickers can also be used on product surfaces to improve grip and prevent slippage. This practical usage will help add value to products by enhancing their usability and customer confidence in the products.

The Benefits of Using Stickers on Products

Benefits of stickers in increasing product value

  • Create a memorable brand: When used as product labels, it helps establish the brand image. So when customers frequently encounter these labels, it gradually creates a sense of connection with the brand, leading to better brand recognition.

  • Enhance product appeal: Customizing stickers with unique text, size, shape, color, and design can give products a distinctive identity. This customization helps products stand out from competitors and also increases product appeal.

  • Provide opportunities for customer participation: Beyond adding product value, stickers can encourage customer participation and engagement. They can be especially useful as offline marketing campaign tools, conveying promotions or activities that encourage customers to respond. This interactive element helps build relationships, foster brand loyalty, and expand the customer base.

  • Cost-effective marketing budget: Stickers are a cost-effective way to promote a brand. Due to their affordability, they offer promotional opportunities that reach the target audience easily and allow for effective marketing at an affordable price.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Sticker Materials

  • Choose durable materials: Choose sticker materials that meet the intended use of the product. For example, cleaning products will require stickers with water resistance, so PVC stickers are an appropriate choice with their waterproof and durable properties.

  • Ensure adhesive capability: Pick stickers with strong adhesion strength to surfaces to ensure they adhere well to product surfaces. This avoids peeling or detachment of the stickers and maintains the product image & quality.

  • Select high-quality printing: Opt for a high-quality printing shop to achieve sharp and accurate colours in the stickers. The printing should accurately reproduce the design without distortion from the original file. Digital printing is a great choice as it offers excellent quality & cost control as well as flexibility in printing volume, making it suitable for either large or small quantity prints.

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