Because printing personalized adhesive lables is an an evergreen advertisement

Something we used to play with when we were children, and as grown adults we have learned to utilize them in a different way: what we are talking about here is adhesive labels, which in this time is a powerful marketing tool. It may seem strange, but a label placed in the right place, with the right graphic appeal, can make a difference in the sale of a product or service. 

In fact, stickers are as useful as they are versatile and we can use them in everyday life, for different purposes: they can be used to embellish, differentiate areas, and catalog. So if you run a business, printing sticker labels is a great way to organize products, customize them, or run your logo. 

What's your goal?

Creating custom labels can also be fun, and it's certainly a good way to let your creative juices flow, but you always have to keep in mind what their final usage is.

If, for example, the goal is to retain the customer, you can think of collectible stickers, to be distributed for free in stores. If you want to increase your brand reputation and the image of your company, you can place stickers in places where, for example, traditional flyers do not arrive: stations, fairs, concerts, events, underground venues because they are ideal advertising tools to create messages that last over time. 


3 basic principles for printing adhesive labels

If well studied, the stickers will prove to be promotional tools with indisputable effectiveness. But how to print adhesive labels that are engaging and communicatively effective? To make a perfect adhesive you have to consider three variables: 

1. Quality

2. Graphics

3. Usage

If you meet these three factors your sticker will meet 70% of the customer's expectations. And the remaining 30%? It consists of the place where the adhesive labels will be attached. In addition to this, there is another key element for printing custom adhesive labels that will be discriminating in the final yield, namely the choice of material that is played all between paper and PVC.

The best materials to print your labels 


  • The paper

If you are going for the green and eco-friendly look, the paper sticker fits that criteria best. For example it can be applied on food packaging (such as jars and food boxes, bottles, etc). The paper sticker amplifies the product even more as it coveys a sense of humanity and authenticity, while looking out for mother nature.


  • The PVC

PVC labels are the best labels to be used for external applications because of its ability to resist UV rays and is able withstand any weather conditions. There are many types of PVC, such as the classic white PVC which is durable and easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind. There is also the transparent PVC that allows the support to act as a background to the graphics. Printing on PVC adhesive labels means choosing a product that is fast and price-efficient. PVC material comes with the assurance that it is resistant to almost anything and its colors remains unchanged. At the same time, PVC is a transparent material and thus is perfect for storefronts and offices while highlighting the identity of the organization with the neutral background.