Thrown with too many choices, and no idea which to go with? Choosing the right sticker material can be very stressful. At Hellosticker we try to make the ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible. However when it comes to stickers, it is a whole different ball game, which leaves a lot of question marks. Read on to get a better understanding of the stickers offered at Hellosticker as we will be answering the most asked questions. 


There are so many sticker options, how would I know which is suitable for my usage?

To many, these stickers may seem like the only difference it has with each other is the touch and feel to it. In actual fact, each of the sticker materials has its own characteristics that determines its usage. Take for example, the Stickers and Kraft paper stickers are perfect if you intend to write on it, as it is a paper based material making it very ink absorbent. White PE Stickers on the other hand is a waterproof material and is slightly stretchable, thus it is suitable for food related products, or to be stuck around a bottle. The table below breaks down the usage and characteristics of our sticker materials, to help with your selection process.  


If I place an order for 100 stickers, will I be getting 100 sheets of stickers according to the size ordered?

The number of sticker sheets you get is determined by the number of stickers we can fit into a sheet based on the size selected. For example, if a quantity of 100 stickers, placed on an A4 sheet is ordered, we will fit as many stickers as we can into A4 sheets. The number of sticker sheets you receive depends on the size and shape chosen. 


Is it possible to choose the number of stickers to print on one sheet?

Unfortunately that is not possible, as the number of stickers printed on a single sheet is dependent on the size and shape of the sticker, as well as the sheet size chosen. For better understanding, here’s a real life example for you to relate to. Let’s say you can fit 50 red strawberries into a medium sized box, it will not be possible to fit 50 red apples in that same medium sized box. Instead at most only 15 red apples can fit into the medium sized box. This works the same with the stickers, the smaller the size of your sticker, the more the number of stickers that can be placed on a single sheet. 


Can I print different designs on one sticker sheet?

We currently only have one design per sticker sheet available. Multiple designs per sticker sheet is something we would like to offer in our future product offerings, do keep a lookout for it. We will be sure to inform you when that is offered too!


Can you please explain what the differences are between CMYK and Spot Colors for stickers?

CMYK colors are attained by overlaying a series of dots in the 4 colors which are - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, to generate a set of final colors. CMYK has the ability to support raster images, and even gradients and shades. This therefore makes it suitable for intricate designs such as photos or even logos with a gradient.

Spot colors on the other hand are solid colors created by pre-mixing the ink. Hence, spot colors are unable to support raster images, gradients or shades. The advantage of spot colors is that it is rich in colors and is recommended for simple, vector logos for the best results.

Our roll stickers offer you that option, to print with either CMYK or spot colors.


I would like to print my stickers with white ink, is that possible? 

White ink is only printable for certain products not all. The white that you see on your stickers are because the base of the sticker is white. In CMYK printing, no white is printed. Thus it is also important to take note that for sticker materials like the kraft, transparent or silver stickers which have a unique surface it is advisable to avoid light colors like pastel pink, as sometimes it would make it almost impossible to see when printed on these materials.  

White color ink falls under the spot color category, which makes it a special ink. Even though white ink is not available for the kraft, or transparent it however is offered for the  silver stickers roll


Even when the same artwork is used, the printing on my stickers look very different when printed on different materials, why does this happen?

Different sticker materials have different printing outcomes, mainly because of the material and the printing technique used. Some of our stickers are printed using an inkjet, while others use digital or offset printing. Inkjet printing may influence the final results causing it to look grainy, while the result of digital or offset printing may be clearer.  

Not only does the outcome depend on the printing method, it is also influenced by the materials chosen. Sticker materials such as simili stickers are more ink absorbent as compared to other materials, thus making it appear richer in color. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] !



We hope that this clarifies most of your questions. If there are any other questions that are not listed and would like an answer to, please feel free to either drop us a call or email us. We want to make your sticker ordering journey as smooth and as simple as possible.