If you were to go through our website, you will be greeted with a few options to print your stickers / labels: which are stickers on a sheet and roll stickers. Both of these stickers / labels have different roles and are used on different occasions. At Hellosticker, both our roll and sheet stickers / labels have a variety of materials to choose from. As for the difference between these two options, here we will explain further so you will learn more about sticker printing! 

Sticker / Label Sheets

As their name implies, sticker sheets are just paper sheets with stickers printed and cut on them. They're usually printed using inkjet or laser printers. At Hellosticker, our stickers on sheets are usually in A4 size (w21cm x h29.7cm) and we offer various materials, such as holographic stickers, silver stickers, warranty stickers, and more! Warranty stickers are suitable for pasting QR codes on public places as it is difficult to be removed.



Sticker / Label Rolls

These types of stickers come in rolled format. Sticker rolls need special printers to print them, like  thermal transfer printers, inkjet roll printers or direct thermal printers. As for the process, the stickers are first spun around a spool made of cardboard, then they’re mounted inside the roll printer. When printing, the stickers will go pass the printing machine and be sent out one-by-one. 

The cores of sticker rolls can even come in different sizes, here in Hellosticker, we offer 2 sizes: 3.8cm core size & 7.6 core size. The same with our sticker / label sheets, our sticker / label rolls come with wide range of materials too.


Differences Between Sticker / Label Rolls & Sticker / Label Sheet 

To choose between sticker rolls and sticker sheets, there are many aspects to consider before you make the decision. To guide you on which option is best for your stickers, we have laid out a few factors that can differentiate the two sticker / label types. 

Printing Quantity
Most of the time, the quantity of the stickers you want to print will affect your decision to choose between the two sticker types. For example, if you want to print stickers as little as 100 pieces, you would opt for sticker sheets, as small quantity printing is not possible with sticker rolls.

Printing in bulk on the other hand, sticker rolls are the optimal choice because you can print as many as 1,000,000 stickers! 

If you want to opt for consistency plus quality, sticker rolls are usually better. This is because the stickers are printed one at a time with great resources such as special ink.

Color Range
Stickers can be printed using spot color (pantone) or process printing (CMYK). Our sticker rolls can be printed using both of these methods, this means that sticker rolls have a wider variety of colors. 

Sticker rolls are usually more cost-efficient. Basically, the more stickers you print, the cheaper it gets! Most industries for example mass produce products, so the labels that would go with their products are mass produced as well. That is why they will go for sticker rolls because they are more budget-friendly and allow bulk printing.

When it comes to speed, this really depends, sticker sheet can be the sprint, on the other hand sticker roll can be the marathon. Sticker rolls can typically be printed in high volume in a short timeframe. That said, if you urgently need the stickers, you can print a few sets of sticker sheets first and then go for sticker rolls to print the rest when things calm down :)

Wrap Up

Which sticker type do you think that suites your sticker printing project? Whichever sticker you need, we at Hellosticker can print high quality stickers in various sizes, shapes, materials and more! Make sure to choose the right sticker option for your sticker project, and your stickers will be printed and delivered right at your doorstep. 

When all is said and done, happy sticker printing!