While digital marketing has been gaining traction, especially after the pandemic, stickers remain a potent marketing tool for their versatility. Compact, economical & easy to use and distribute – Sticker printing is surprisingly effective at marketing your brand and boosting product sales. They are also engaging and fun, so having them on your products will only attract more attention. Here are 5 ways to increase product sales using a simple sticker.

1. Introduce New Products

Stickers can be used to draw attention to your new product launches or design updates. Just having “NEW!” stickers in bright colours is guaranteed not only to boost people’s curiosity about the new release but also to attract customers who are already ready to buy the products upon release. You should announce any updates in your product design or seasonal product launches. It can be as easy as a “Limited Edition” sticker label to create a sense of urgency for customers so they are enticed to purchase immediately or buy more.

2. Feature Selling Points

Often there can be too much information about a product and this can cause information fatigue and customers to pull away from the product. Instead of having everything right in your customers’ faces, try featuring your best selling points on a custom sticker that showcases your value to your customers. If you are an organic food-based brand, appeal to your health-conscious audience by having a “Zero Pesticides” / “Vegan” sticker that would stick with them immediately.

3. Highlight Achievements

Do not be afraid to show off your brand achievements or successes as a means of advertisement. This shows that a lot of care and effort has gone into creating and maintaining your brand. A waterproof sticker that calls attention to your reputation as the “Best Seller” or “Malaysia’s No.1” is social proof that you are indeed the best in the business. Brands with positive reputations will also increase customers’ trust in the brand and in turn attract more customers and generate more sales.

4. Reach Target Customer Base

As stickers are so versatile, they can be placed anywhere to market to your target customer base. If you are targeting the health community, distributing brand stickers near a gym/health supplement store will spread your reach out to the audience who are genuinely interested in your products. This will increase your chances of generating leads and converting sales.

5. Include Call To Action (CTA)

Customers face a lot of decisions upon entering your store. So as the owner, you should make sure all their options are clear & concise with compelling CTAs. Include a playful “Try Me!” or a “Pick This One!” die-cut sticker on your products will bring a smile to your customers’ faces and even sway picky customers. You can also use stickers to inform about current promotions so potential customers are encouraged to purchase during the period.

Stickers are an important form of engagement-driven marketing and help create personal connections with customers by reaching out directly in person. With their versatility, they are definitely useful not only to enhance your brand awareness but also to increase traffic to your products ultimately generating more sales. Take into consideration the different ways sticker printing can help your business and start printing with us now!