Get to Know Hologram Sticker and Design Techniques


Hologram stickers are options to add uniqueness to your designs and create highlights for your brand. However, making them stand out requires good design creativity. Today, we have design tricks to create unique stickers to share with you.


What are Hologram Stickers? What are they made of?


Hologram Stickers: Eye-catching Playfulness

Hologram stickers come in various types, but in this article, we will talk about the type that emphasizes beautiful design and eye-catching attraction. However, they do not only serve as counterfeit prevention stickers. Instead, they utilize the technology to create light reflection effects, leading to color diffraction, movement, and beauty.

PVC Stickers: The Ultimate Material for Hologram Effects

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) stickers are the widely used material for making hologram stickers. They are known for their versatility in terms of usage and visual appeal that pleases the eye. This makes PVC the best option for creating this type of sticker. Besides the mentioned outstanding features, PVC stickers have other advantages, such as:

  • Addressing the Challenge of Creating Hologram Effect with a smooth and glossy surface, easily craft precise holographic patterns and colors, ensuring clarity and prominence of your artwork!

  • High Durability, resisting tears, moisture and chemicals that cause stickers to degrade quickly. With these advantages, PVC hologram stickers become a versatile option for various applications, whether it’s on packaging or for outdoor use, they always captivate attention without fading.

  • Exceptional Flexibility that eases application on uneven, curved, and irregular surfaces, also enhances adherence.


Benefits of Hologram Stickers

  • Elevate Distinction and Aesthetic Appeal for Packaging. As PVC hologram stickers are already renowned for their light-reflecting properties, customizing them to be unique further enhances their captivating appearance. This is especially valuable for using them as brand stickers or logos to attract memorable attention.

  • Cost-Effective and Value-Adding to Products. By combining holographic technology and PVC material, high-quality stickers are achieved at a reasonable cost, which improves profit margins. This is not only cost-effective but also contributes to a premium image, enabling you to command higher prices.

  • Customizable to Meet Specific Requirements. The use of PVC as a base material allows for a wide range of printing options that cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s die-cut stickers, sheet stickers, or rolls, all options are available.


Design Techniques for Hologram Stickers


Design Techniques for Captivating Shiney Hologram Stickers


 Leave some space in the design for applying holographic effects. This will enable the material, after printing, to fully disperse light, resulting in a beautiful and flawless holographic effect without any flaws.

✔ Adjust the saturation of colors. Since designs often involve multiple colors, balancing the saturation of colors and reducing the intensity of dark colors will enhance the light reflection properties, producing a more impressive holographic effect.

✔ Use black and white to create contrast. This helps in creating prominent contrast points without overwhelming the entire sticker with holograms. The use of black and white allows for clear, well-defined distinctions, ideal for stickers that require genuine prominence.


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