Designing custom stickers for product labelling is not as hard as you think. For a starter, all you need to know is just to make sure the message is clear and on point! Spend a little time on creativity and you’re done! To further help you to get started on designing your custom stickers, we have compiled some useful tips to make designing easy for you, especially for product labelling.

Delivering a clear message

The first tip to keep in mind when designing stickers is, always consider to deliver a clear message. Providing clear information for each label helps customers understand the usage and benefits of your products. Yes! A unique design with fancy text always catches people’s attention, but when it’s hard to read and the message is blurry, you will lose your customers’ interest and trust. After making sure the information on the labelling is on point, you can start thinking on how to make your stickers look engaging and attractive with fonts and colours. Great stickers will motivate your customers to try more products from your store.

Use a smart combination of Fonts

Getting the right fonts for every printed media is very important since each printed item has different purposes. You have to choose a font that matches your brand identity. However, most people love to express their creativity on stickers with different font combinations. Other than being unique, you also need to be thoughtful when adding some elements into your custom design stickers. When adding very unique and attractive fonts, make sure the fonts are readable. You can also highlight some words and add an image, clipart or logo to maintain your brand image. Be more careful when choosing colors, you don’t want to lose your identity because it will make your customers think it’s a different or a new brand.

Add an attractive element

To beat the competition in whatever industry you are in, your custom stickers have to be engaging and attractive enough to steal the attention from your target audiences. If this relates back specifically with products or services then try including images related in some way- like pictures of children having fun playing their favorite toy when making labels for kids' toys.

Organize the product information

One of the most important things when designing unique stickers is that they should be clean and organized. If necessary, use a ruler or grid system while working on them so this doesn't become an issue when printing. Remember to keep logos consistent across all aspects in order for them to have a cohesive brand identity with your other marketing materials--whether it's through color schemes or font choices (or both). Make sure everything matches up perfectly from one piece of promo material, before moving onto another part until you're done creating everything at once.

Design your sticker smartly

Unique sticker designs can be expensive and time-consuming to produce. If you want one that is truly yours instead of something licensed from an already established brand or designer aesthetic then consider using stock images in your own personal style rather than professional photos which will most likely clash with what's being offered by the company who provided them as part of their product package. You could also add elements such patterns and shapes onto these custom made pieces. This way everyone knows where each design reigns supreme without having any confusion over whose logo belongs on top when stacking up against others within range distance.

Consider your packaging and product label

Branding is important in today's marketplace but it doesn't stop there. In order to create labels that are both effective and memorable, you also need to think about how your brand will appear when using different types of products and labels for those particular purposes. If you're going with custom stickers on food packaging, big text might be best since they can easily be seen from close range while smaller images may work better as additional information  instead. This all depends upon what kind of product or service an individual wants their customers  to see first.


These unique sticker design tips will help you make your product labels stand out from crowded marketplace. With these simple tricks, it is easy to come up with creative designs that are sure not to be forgotten by customers. Go ahead and start designing stickers that will set your product apart from others. Use professional images or stock photos instead. If necessary, creativity is key when making custom stickers different enough while staying within budget constraints and  both time-wise (designing quickly) and financially speaking too. If you are looking for sticker printing services in Malaysia, why not not consider printing with HelloSticker